Island Yoga and Tai Chi - Isle of Wight
Whether you attend classes or enjoy a weekend workshop we hope you can ‘discover inner peace and radiant health...’
Introduction to Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

1st Saturday of the Month.

This Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop is suitable for people of all ages, whatever your current level of fitness, no previous experience is necessary.

The workshop will start with Hatha Yoga followed by Pranayama (breathing techniques) to prepare the mind for stillness, concluding with Meditation and Mindfulness.

The yoga workshop will use various techniques to cleanse and stabilize the body's energies. This will increase flexibility and balance through a range of yoga postures (asana) including the Sun Salutation. This is an opportunity to balance the mind, body and spirit.
Payment for this workshop is £15. Please phone to book a place.
Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation & Mindfulness
3rd Saturday of the Month return to top

The workshop will start with Qigong, followed by Tai Chi and will conclude with Mediation and Mindfulness.

The Tai Chi workshop includes a variety of movements which helps with coordination, balance and flexibility. It includes both the Square and Round Tai Chi Hand Form and Push Hand exercises. This workshop will help to develop an understanding of the underlying philosophy of Tai Chi.

Payment for this workshop is £15. Please phone to book a place.

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